Draft Goals, Policies and Actions Published for Public Review

The City of Wildomar is pleased to announce a critical milestone in the development of the City’s updated General Plan: publication of the Plan’s draft goals, policies and actions for public review. These goals, policies and actions were adapted from the City’s current General Plan and augmented to address comments provided by the community and the General Plan Advisory Group (GPAG), to incorporate best planning practices, and to conform to State legislation. They are intended to provide the roadmap towards achieving the Vision Statement adopted by the City Council and Guiding Principles generated from public comments and confirmed by the GPAG.

At a Workshop being held on January 23, community members will have an opportunity to speak with neighbors and members of the General Plan Update project team about the goals, policies and actions, and to provide comments in person. Community members are also welcome to submit comments to the project team via email at mbassi@cityofwildomar.org until February 1, 2024.

Feedback provided via email and in person will be used to refine the goals, policies and actions for inclusion in the draft General Plan document, which will be provided for public review in Spring 2024.