General Plan Advisory Group

The City of Wildomar is embarking on the first-ever comprehensive update of its General Plan. To assist with this effort, a General Plan Advisory Group (GPAG) representing the multiple interests of the community has been selected to provide input and guidance throughout the work program. The GPAG will help shape the various components of the General Plan by reviewing and providing input on work products generated by the City and its consultants. The GPAG members will also serve as ambassadors to the new General Plan effort as they interact with fellow community members and identify community priorities.

Upcoming General Plan Advisory Group Meetings

General Plan Advisory Group Meetings are held at City Council Chambers: 23873 Clinton Keith Road, Suite #105/106

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Past General Plan Advisory Group Meetings

General Plan Advisory  Group Meeting #5

  • When: December 19, 2023 6:00PM – 8:00PM in City Council Chambers
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General Plan Advisory  Group Meeting #4

General Plan Advisory  Group Meeting #2 (Part 2)

General Plan Advisory  Group Meeting #2

      1. Community Workshop #1
      2. Let’s Envision Wildomar Survey
      3. General Plan Advisory Group Meeting #1
      4. Pop-Up #1: Coffee with the City
      5. Pop-Up #2: Wildomar’s 14th Birthday Celebration

General Plan Advisory  Group Meeting #1

How does the GPAG Function?

  • Represents the community’s perspective. The GPAG ensures city staff and the consultant team are aware of and understand community concerns, values, interests, and expectations. The GPAG is also a vehicle for obtaining a sampling of community opinions and attitudes.
  • Identifies critical issues and relevant information. The GPAG assists the Planning Commission, city staff and the consultant team in identifying critical issues that must be addressed in the planning process. The GPAG also provides information that is valuable to the process or issues/opinions that should be taken into consideration.
  • Expands public awareness and participation. GPAG members expand public awareness and knowledge about the General Plan and related material. GPAG members also keep community organizations and interested citizens informed about the status of the planning process and encourage additional public participation.
  • Considers ideas and reviews material. The GPAG serves as a sounding board for ideas, items, and draft products presented by City staff and consultants.
  • Seeks community benefit. The GPAG is a group of individuals who, irrespective of their own perspectives or preferences, seeks the benefit of the entire community in their recommendations.
  • Provides a public forum for other members of the public. The GPAG meetings will be subject to the Brown Act, California’s Open Meeting Law, and will hold regular, noticed and agendized public meetings. There will be specific time for public comments, both on agenda items and items not on the agenda.